Product refinement

The refining or further processing of the products nally closes our large production program.
Different refining methods can be used. Your image can be captured through e.g. SILKSCREEN OR DABBER PRINTING, EMBOSSING or even LASER ENGRAVING.

To give the surface of the closure a unique appearance the possibility of VARNISHING OR METALLIZING EXISTS.

The nal product will be a closure that matches the certain packaging in shape, colour, and surface in optimal manner.

By using the new Co2-laser we nishing caps in highest quality.

The posibilities starts form simple engreavings to complex designs and negativ reliefs.

A particularly outstanding effect can be achieved using a metallized cap. By using the laser beam the metallic surface will be removed and the original colour of the material is shown. The result is a bicolour nish with a noble impression.

It ́s possible to engrave a small number of caps by using a modern digital manufactoring technologie.

Limited editions with consecative numbering is also feasible, as engraving different names. Almost every individualization is possible!