Thermoplastics are plastics that can be deformed at certain temperatures. This process is reversible, which means that it can be repeated several times through cooling-down and re-heating to a melting-liquid state, as long as the so-called thermic decomposition of the material does not apply. That is where thermoplastics differ from thermosets and elastomers. Another unique characteristic is the possibility of welding thermoplastics.

We operate 12 modern injection moulding machines with a locking force of 22-90 tons. To ensure our high-quality standards we only use genuine materials of leading producers.
Only raw materials such as PP, PE, PS are being used. These materials are strictly approved by general food law and can therefore be used for a variety of applications.

For you, we produce closures that match the certain packaging in shape, colour, and surface the best.
During the manufacturing process we put a lot of emphasize on ef ciency. We ensure this fact through automatized production plants.

Of course, this principle does not only apply for the production but also for minimizing scrap, due to our professional employees and precise moulds for your closures.

A smart production planning is just as part of ourworking areas as continuous observation of our product quality. Therefore we are able to nish your contracts in a high quality manner with schedule-based certainty.